The Ark Co-op

2000 Pearl St.

Austin, Texas

These are murals painted on the walls of The Ark

The Ark was a student housing cooperative

The place no longer exists. To tell the story of The Ark

requires an extensive website of amazing true stories

told by the residents themselves. In the meantime

enjoy the murals as the stories are collected.

Arkies are united on a FACEBOOK page. Join us!

Arkies of the World, Unite!

The legendary mural with Austin landmarks in the pupil overlooked The Commons.

The State Capitol of Texas is on the left, the UT Tower on the right.

This is my favorite mural. If anybody paints over it....LOOK OUT!

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

A few of the things that went on at The Ark (tee hee)

Aside from that truth, SDRR was a little lounge tucked

in a corner bounded by the Darkroom and the right stairwell.

It was at the entrance to the famous Loud Hall.

The Dante-esque warning to those about to enter the Loud Hall.

I lived in the Loud Hall when I first moved in on May 17, 1984 . Room 114

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The Ark was life, love, sex, drugs, politics, and rock and roll.

The Ark was the best place to live.

To paint a mural, the entire house had to approve a preliminary sketch.

Many a battle was waged over what deserved a place on our hallowed walls.

This was a clear winner.

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